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We are the Anti-Bullying Team

Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Team page.  Our Anti-Bullying Team has staff and children representatives.  We meet regularly with Mrs Butler to discuss preventive strategies we can implement within school.

Anti Bullying Charter Mark Assessment

On Tuesday 12th December the Anti-Bullying Team had to give a presentation to four children from Rickleton Primary, Mrs O’Connor, Rickleton’s Anti-Bullying Lead, and Dorothy Maddison, the Anti-Bullying Lead for Sunderland Local Authority.  They came to assess the work we do in school and to see whether we could achieve the Gold Level Chart Mark again.  We are so proud to say that the work we do was recognised and we were re-assessed as gaining the Gold Award!!  Mrs Butler is so proud of all the children in the team who were very professional and confident during their presentation.  Dorothy also commented that the children were extremely enthusiastic about the work they do!








Anti-Bullying Week – All Different, All Equal

Anti-Bullying Week was a great success this year.  We kicked off the week with Odd Sock Day, we also had an assembly to identify the focus of the week.

Across the week, in every class, children had a book focused about being different and they had great fun completing work linked to it.  The afternoon sessions had a PSHE focus and Year completed work about stereotypes whilst Reception completed their OK book.

Children created posters which are being displayed around the school and our Safety Street display has been updated with all of the work from this year’s sessions.

To end the week, Mrs Butler and 4 members of the Anti-Bullying Team led an assembly.  The team members explained what they had learnt when they visited the Anti-Bullying Conference.

Anti – Bullying Conference – Washington School

Four members of the Anti-Bullying Team attended the annual Anti -Bullying Conference at Washington School with Mrs Wright.  Throughout the morning they had the opportunity to listen to Mark Lloyd give a presentation and to take part in three different workshops. Within the workshops Mrs Wright was very proud of us as we worked with other schools and were confident to share some brilliant ideas.



Training 2017

The Anti – Bullying Team for this year have had their training and they are now confident to take on the role of Playtime Buddies too.  They worked hard on scenarios and how they would deal with a range of situations.  Also, they created their own criteria for being a good buddy. These photographs show them in the training session.

Training 2016













Anti – Bullying Conference – Washington School

Four members of the Anti-Bullying Team attended the annual Anti -Bullying Conference at Washington School with Mrs Butler.  Throughout the morning we had the opportunity to listen to Mark Lloyd, who gave a presentation about not being a bystander, and to take part in three different workshops.  Within the workshops Mrs Butler was very proud as we participated well and answered lots of questions, we also worked with children from other schools which was a fun experience.


2015 – 2016

We work with other schools and recently we attended a conference with other schools from across the local area.

AB Team conference

We worked with other children and discussed what we could do in school to be an Anti Bullying Super Hero.  We decided that setting a good example to others would be an excellent place to start!

We are also the school buddies who work with other children at playtimes and lunchtimes.  We love our role and had training to make sure we are the best buddies we can be.  We created our buddy charter and all achieved our certificates to say we had successfully completed the training.

AB Team

We are so proud to announce that we have achieved the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Gold Award

On Tuesday we were assessed by Dorothy Maddison, our Local Authority Anti-Bullying Lead, children and a member of staff from St Anne’s Primary School.  During the assessment five children from our Anti-Bullying Team presented evidence to explain how we felt we met the criteria for the award.  The children from St Anne’s had questions which they asked to assess our understanding of the systems we have in place.  Mrs Butler was so proud of the way the children presented their evidence.  The children spoke with confidence and had a great understanding of what we do in school.

Charter Mark

Congratulations to the Anti-Bullying Team

Today six children from the Anti-Bullying Team were invited to visit the Council Chambers to collect an award.  We won the award for the Anti-Bullying Team who celebrates difference and diversity.  The children, who attended, created a presentation and explained what we do in school to celebrate difference.

Click here for the children’s Anti Bullying presentation

DSC00910   DSC00914


The children received their certificate from the Deputy Mayor.  We are very proud of all the hard work we have put in since September.


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