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Anti-Bullying Week 2019

As a school to celebrated Anti-Bullying Week again this year. We had Odd Socks day on the Tuesday, which everyone took part in, even the staff!

As part of the week each year group used an identified text in English and created writing linked to it. Afternoon lessons took the form of PSHE and allowed children the opportunity to explore different scenarios, create posters and hot spot maps for the school, discuss and debate different aspects of bullying and relationships and watch videos linked to making good choices.

Four members of our Anti-Bullying Team went to a local conference with Mrs Wright. This provided them with the opportunity to discuss what we do to prevent bullying in school and to complete workshops with pupils from other schools. They have created a display about what they learnt.

The week ended with a celebration assembly where all classes presented work they had completed across the week. We had a good mix including poetry, character descriptions, posters, sorting activities and even an activity from Year 6 using potatoes!

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