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The curriculum is not just a list of subjects taught in school. The curriculum describes everything that goes on in school that helps children to learn about the world around them. Any curriculum must cover all the activities in a school designed to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepare them for their next steps, opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life and society.

Oxclose Primary Academy’s Curriculum

The acquasition of numeracy and literacy skills is central to the curriculum as these are essential for academic success. They are developed through specific basic skills teaching and then applied across the entire curriculum. Children learn through a topic-based approach where first-hand experience puts learning into context. This engages and motivates children and ensures that their learning is embedded. Children work together and in different situations to apply their learning in problem-solving and other activities. Assessment for learning is at the heart of the curriculum. Teachers and support staff have the autonomy to teach what children need. Where it becomes clear that there are poor skills in a particular area, teachers and support staff rectify this quickly though whole class teaching or well-targeted interventions.

The principles behind Oxclose Primary Academy’s curriculum are that:

  • All children must be valued equally whatever their stage of development and are entitled to experience the maximum sense of success.
  • All children must be afforded equality of opportunity and not be discriminated against on the grounds of class, race, colour, gender, religion or disability.
  • Personal development is a life-long learning process.
  • The provision of education is a partnership between school, parents/carers and the wider community, each having contributions to make to the development of the other.

The curriculum includes specific key areas of knowledge, as well as skills, concepts and attitudes, which children will experience in relation to subjects, areas of experience, different styles of learning, and the values that underpin the curriculum. These values are apparent through these emphasises and priorities in the curriculum.

The curriculum also has characteristics of breadth, balance, relevance, challenge and differentiation, and progression. For example, the school’s curriculum does not just focus on the narrow mechanical aspects of learning to read, write and calculate. In addition to acquiring basic skills, children experience a wide range of different tasks; mathematical problems associated with the real world; different teaching approaches – for example teacher and pupil initiated activity, practical and reflective activities, individual, group, class, and school based learning, and a wide variety of written published material at a suitable level.

Early Years – Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Governors of Oxclose Primary Academy have taken the decision to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. When children begin attending Reception at Oxclose Primary Academy, they will have already taken part in a large amount of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, mainly through the prime areas. Therefore, we continue to help the children progress in these areas whilst placing a large focus on the specific areas of learning. This curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning (3 Prime and 4 Specific) which are;

Prime                                                                                 Specific

Personal Social and Emotional Development                   Literacy

Physical Development                                                      Mathematics

Communication and Language                                         Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – The National Curriculum 2014

The Governors of Oxclose Primary Academy have taken the decision to follow the National Curriculum. This is a curriculum made up from the core subjects; English, Mathematics, Science and foundation subjects; Computing, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Languages (French)(KS2 only) and Physical Education. In addition we also teach Personal, Social and Health Education including Citizenship and Religious Education following Sunderland’s Agreed Syllabus.



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