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Languages (French)

At Oxclose Primary Academy we teach French to all children in Key Stage 2, that is Years 3 to 6. We feel that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for pupils. We aim to introduce our children to another language in an enjoyable way that will motivate them to want to try to speak, read and write French for themselves. We use the interactive programme ‘Salut!’ to teach units of learning based around a theme such as ‘At school’, ‘My holidays’, ‘At home’ etc.
Each unit lasts half a term and children start by being introduced to key vocabulary through games and reading and listening activities. They are then encouraged to use these new words in phrases, sentences and songs and each unit ends with a story or further song, again using the key vocabulary. Within the lessons, children also practise asking and answering questions, with an emphasis on using the correct pronunciation and grammar, and older children are introduced to written activities such as labelling, sentence work and simple comprehension tasks.

Languages Long Term Plan

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