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Physical Education (P.E)

At Oxclose Primary Academy our children develop mobility, co-ordination and control through a variety of skills in Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Swimming and Outdoor and Adventurous activities and challenges. In addition to National Curriculum PE lessons across the school we offer additional weekly PE skills sessions. The skills sessions have been planned and designed to enable the children to develop and embed core PE skills and enhance the general physical health of the children. Children are given the opportunity to swim in KS2 and we aim for all children leaving the school to be able to swim at least 25m. In KS2 children also have the opportunity to complete the Bikeability programme.

Through their P.E. lessons the children develop their performance skills, confidence, teamwork and Sportsmanship. This curriculum area supports the children’s awareness and knowledge of their own bodies and how to promote their well-being.

Throughout the school children take part in a wide range of tournaments and sports festivals both within school (intra-competitions), between year groups and with other schools (inter-competitions).

PE Long Term Plan

Infant Agility

This term Year 1 took part in the Infant Agility Competition.  We had to use a lot of skills that we had been practising e.g. skipping, running, balancing on one leg, throwing and catching, kicking and jumping.  We tried really hard at all of the activities and came fourth place.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed the afternoon even though we didn’t win.

Tennis Festival

Year 3 and 4 children took part in a Tennis Festival in Sunderland.  They competed against other schools and tried their best in all activities.  Both teams did extremely well and we are very proud of their final positions  –  Year 3 finished 2nd and Year 4 finished 3rd!!

Oxclose Community Academy Festivals

Year 6 children took part in the first festival of the year and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Sports Relief

Our Sports Leaders set up fun activities over lunch time, everyone had a great time.


Year 4 Skipping Festival

Our Year 4 Skipping team took part in a Washington Schools Skipping Festival on Tuesday 26th April. The team had been training for a number of weeks and put lots of time and effort into their skipping. The festival was very exciting and a good time was had by all. Each child in our team of 30 skipped to the best of their abilities and we were very successful in the competition. The whole team won the silver medal for their choreographed skip dance and many of our skippers won bronze, silver and gold medals in the individual and smaller team events.

Well done to our Oxclose Skipping Team


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