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Resourced Provision

Provision for Children with Physical Disabilities and Medical Needs

At Oxclose Primary Academy we have a resourced provision for children with physical disabilities  and medical needs.  We believe in inclusion for all children and making appropriate adaptations to enable all children to reach their full potential.

Children can access a number of additional opportunities and resources as part of this.  Our school has a therapy room, which can be used for physiotherapy, speech therapy sessions, one to one or group interventions, sensory activities and personal care.  Some children also access hydrotherapy at Oxclose Community Academy, which is part of the same Discover Learning Trust.

Sensory Time and Therapy Room Activities





Life Skills

Why are life skills important?

As part of our SEN curriculum at Oxclose, we feel life skills are an essential part of our children’s provision.  These practical skills are integral to promote and support the development of our children, enabling them to become independent, confident and have raised self-esteem.

We deliver well planned, individualised lessons to enable our children to access and experience real life situations. These skills will help them prepare and cope with their future lives outside of school.

Our lessons include, personal care, dressing, shopping, food preparation, cooking, baking and social sessions (games). All lessons are adapted to the needs of the individual child, including fine/gross motor skills, language development and social interaction.





Some of the children in our school access physiotherapy sessions.  Some of these sessions are with physiotherapists and some are with staff from school.  We also access hydrotherapy at Oxclose Community Academy which the children love!
















Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate and is designed to support spoken language.

Makaton is a flexible programme and can be personalised to the child’s individual needs.

Here at Oxclose we have children with a variety of speech and language and hearing difficulties and use Makaton as a whole school to ensure communication for all.

We provide weekly Makaton lessons with a small group of children which concentrate on their specific individual language difficulties. Lessons are planned carefully and focus on new words, sentences, songs and games. The children are encouraged to share their new signs with their peers.

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