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Welcome to the School Council

The children have elected their school council members for the year.  Children were given the opportunity to nominate themselves as a candidate; they then had to produce a speech explaining what they would do as school council member.  The four children who received the largest number of votes were put forward for the election.  Each child was given the opportunity to take part in the ballot.  They all enjoyed participating in the voting process.




Hello, we are the School Council for 2016-2017. We were elected by the children in our classes. We have regular meetings with the Mrs Butler and Mrs Grimwood. During these meetings we discuss what we can do to make our school even better.



Year 1 – Sophie and Bobby                           Year 2 – Lydia and Mark



Year 3 – Bradley and Libby                             Year 4 – Lucy and Phillip



Year 5 – Lexi and Aarian                                 Year 5 – Lily and Riley


Year 6 – Jack and Zoe

Last year we discussed lots of  areas and made some important decisions  


  • Decided to make our school environmentally friendly by introducing recycle boxes into classrooms. 
  • Discussed the charities we want to support this year and decided on – Children in Need, Christmas Jumper Day and Red Nose Day. 
  • Decided upon the book character which will be used to display our school rules.  A local artist created these for us.
  • Decided to create a newsletter for parents/carers and created the name for it, which will be The Oxclose Owl.
  • Decided on new equipment for the yard to improve playtimes.
  • Improved our whole school behaviour policy.




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