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Welcome To Reception Class

Meet the Year Group Teacher, Miss Brown…

Hello, I am Ruth Brown. I have been teaching for over 10 years, most of which I have spent in Early Years. I started teaching at New Silksworth Infant School and then moved to Hylton Red House Nursery School, where I developed my leadership skills, before coming to work at Oxclose Primary Academy on a secondment in January 2014. I now have a permanent role here. I love teaching in Reception Class as I see the children develop so much in the first year of their school life. When not at school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, particularly my niece and nephew.

Meet the Year Group Teaching Assistant, Mrs Wilson…

Hello, I’m Joanne Wilson and I’m the Early Years Teaching Assistant who works in Reception alongside Ruth Brown. Throughout my career, I have worked in various year groups but Reception is definitely my favourite. I enjoy being creative with the children and love watching them grow. Part of my role is to work with children throughout school delivering nurture sessions. At home, I like getting up very early to enjoy long walks with my dogs. I also enjoy spending time with my family.

Penshaw Monument

We had a lovely time at Penshaw Monument even though it was a very cold morning. All Reception children climbed the steps on Penshaw hill to reach the monument at the top! We spotted the path around the hill and some children thought it was the one made by the Lambton Worm all of those years ago. The children had some time to pay on the park before we ate our packed lunches on the top of the double decker bus before coming back to school.

















Chinese New Year

The children in Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. We tasted prawn crackers. Some of the children had never them before but loved them and even asked for more! Some of the children tried to pick up rice with chopsticks – it was quite tricky! We made our own dragon masks and Chinese dancing dragons. We had a try at being a Chinese dragon in PE with a partner.














Post Box Walk

The children in Reception have been learning about our local area and where we live. We have been talking about addresses and decided it would be good to send a letter to ourselves! We all drew a picture to share with our family of something we have been doing well at school. We put it in an envelope, put our address on and walked to the post box to post it. We also looked at the job of a postman and the journey a letter takes form being put in the post box to landing on our door mats!














Library Visit

Reception enjoyed a walk to the library at The Galleries. We spent some time looking at the books and talking about how we can join the library and come with our parents to borrow books to read at home. Before we came back to school Miss Brown read us a story about a bear who was excited for Christmas!


















People who help us

Reception had a visit from Simon today, one of our local Police Community Support Officers. He talked to us about his role in the community, the types of things he does each day and how he helps to keep us safe. Simon also showed us his uniform and explained what some items were used for. Some of the children asked Simon questions.







Tiny Tweeties

Reception children have absolutely loved spending the last 6 weeks taking part in our music and movement sessions with Rachael and Chris from Tiny Tweeties! Staff have been able to watch the children’s development, enthusiasm and love of learning contributing to their well being. We invited parents in for the last session and would like to say a huge thank you to all who came as it was lovely to watch you share those special moments with your children.

Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying Week 2019 the children in Reception have been learning about The Rainbow Fish. We were sent a challenge to fill up a blank fish with rainbow scales. To get a scale we had to share with our friends – we managed to fill the fish up in no time! We also made our own shimmering rainbow fish and did a cut and stick activity where we had to decide whether the children on the pictures were being kind or not.

Children In Need

We really enjoyed celebrating Children in Need 2019 in Reception. We took part in lots of craft activities including colouring, cutting and sticking and making masks, as well as an I spy challenge. Mrs Hall made us some delicious Pudsey biscuits and we even had a visit from Pudsey himself, who gave us all a high 5! We spent some time talking about why Children in Need is an important charity and discussing what some of our money raised might go towards.


In Reception we have been learning about Diwali. We focused on looking at pattern, in particular Rangoli patterns and Mehndi patterns. The children have explored them in a variety of ways including cutting, sticking and painting, both inside and outside. We have also talked about vocabulary that links to Diwali such as Celebration, Rangoli and Mahndi.

Autumn Walk

Over the last two weeks, Reception have loved going for Autumn walks. We spotted some animals including squirrels, snails, worms and birds. We talked about the leaves and collected some to bring back to school. Some of us were lucky enough to be able to jump in muddy puddles!

Receptions’s favourite dinner

Every class has a chance to have their favourite school dinner. This week it was our turn and Mrs Hall made something delicious. We really enjoyed our Teddy Bears Meal!

Visit to the seaside

Despite the weather not being great, the Reception children had a fantastic trip! We spent the morning being pirates with Tiny Tweeties singing some of our favourites as well as some new songs. Some of us even had to walk the plank! After lunch we spent some time on the beach and in the pirate play park at Roker before returning to school worn out!

Health and Happiness Week

The children in Reception have really enjoyed Health and Happiness Week. Each morning we have been outside to do 2 minutes of fast running – this has got our hearts beating really fast and helped us to be ready for the day! We have done some yoga sessions, talked about healthy eating and why we are all special in our own way. We read a story called ‘The Jar of Happiness’ which was about a little girl who filled a jar full of all the things that made her happy. We designed our own jars and talked about smells, food, people and other things that make us happy!

School Nurse Visit

Carol, the School Nurse, came into speak to Reception about keeping ourselves clean and healthy. She talked about washing our bodies, cleaning our teeth and washing our hands properly. We now know you should be able to sing one verse of ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ in the time it takes to wash your hands! We all had a practise at brushing our teeth properly using the pretend teeth and brushes.

Busy Bee Day

Reception had a brilliant Busy Bee Day to celebrate filling their marble jar! In class, we have been learning about bees and how important they are. Throughout the day children made and ate honey sandwiches, made bee biscuits to take home, made bee hats as well as lots of other fun activities.

It was a particularly special day for Faris’ family as bees were his brother Daniel’s favourite animal and are now an important part of his memory for them. Faris’ mam even sent us some amazing photographs that she has taken of bees over the years!

Science Week

We had a fantastic Science Week 2019 in Reception. We loved our workshop with Loraine and Sarah from Durham University to start the week, looking at dinosaur teeth and talking about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We have done lots of fun activities including looking at and making our own chocolate fossils, being dinosaurs in the outdoor area, making dinosaur lands in the construction for our Sock-A-Saurus and making balloon dinosaurs.

World Book Day

Reception had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day 2019. There were some brilliant costumes! We shared our stories from home with our friends in other classes and did lots of fun activities on the story of Elmer. Elmer was unique because she was colourful and we talked about how we are all unique too in lots of different ways.










We are busy making Sock-A-Saurus’ in Reception at the moment. Carol is an expert and has been coming in on an afternoon to help us stuff and sew the body parts together. Once we all have a Sock-A-Saurus we are going to have lots of fun making stories up and they will even help us develop our writing and maths skills!
















We enjoyed celebrating Hannukah in Reception. We made Happy Hannukah cards to send to each other and learned about the menorah which is a big candle that is lit each night. We even made our own. Beau and Caycee enjoyed using lollipop sticks to make their own Star of David.  Mrs Halls Hannukah lunch was delicious!










It snowed! The children in Reception were so excited, Chloe even said it was the best day of her life! We loved walking around in the snow, talking about what it felt and sounded like under their feet. Reception children also enjoyed looking at the big pieces of ice and discussing what would happen if we brought them inside out warm school. Beau wanted a carrot so that he could build a snowman!














Anti – Bullying Week

We have really enjoyed celebrating Anti-Bullying Week in Reception this year! We read the story of Elmer and talked about how everyone is different and that that is a good thing. Some of the children even made Elmer masks.

We also worked together as a whole class to decorate our own Elmer. If the teacher’s heard children using kind words to each other, they were asked to colour a square on Elmer’s body. We managed to fill him up by the end of the week!

Another activity we enjoyed was making our ‘Reception Ok Book’. We looked at lots of different people and talked about how they were different but then agreed that this was ok! We are going to keep the book in our Reading Area to look at during choose time.









Tiny Tweeties

Reception have been lucky and taken part in some weekly music sessions with Rachel and Chris from Tiny Tweeties. We have absolutely loved every second! The children have taken part in movement, singing, stories and played musical instruments in the Tiny Tweeties band.




















Puzzle Afternoon

Reception really enjoyed their puzzled afternoon! We invited parents in to help us solve various puzzles involving numbers, shapes, patterns and lots more. Some of them were quite tricky but we tried our best. We are looking forward to our next puzzle afternoon in the Summer Term.


Science Week

We loved Science Week in Reception. We enjoyed doing lots of activities in the classroom about space. We used food colouring and pipettes to represent earth on cotton wool pads. Mrs Wilson made some slimy jelly in the water tray that we thought might be found on Mars. Some of the children made an amazing space station that had a toilet and a kitchen with a sink. Everyone made a rocket that we blasted across the school field which was great fun!

















World Book Day

We really enjoyed World Book Day in Reception. The children dressed up as some brilliant characters including Little Red Riding Hood, Postman Pat and on the of The Three Little Pigs. We loved listening to stories from Mrs Bolam in the library. Some children brought their favourite book to school and shared it with their friends, telling them their favourite parts.














Christmas Dinner

Reception loved their Christmas dinner! We enjoyed pulling our crackers and telling the jokes to our friends.













Tiny Tweeties

Reception have been taking part in weekly music sessions run by Tiny Tweeties. They have been absolutely fantastic and have supported the children’s development across the Early Years curriculum, not only in music. During the sessions the children have sang as range of songs including using instruments, puppets and retelling familiar stories.





Roald Dahl 100 Day

 In Reception we celebrated Roald Dahl 100 Day by having a day full of chocolate. We pretended to be Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory! The children decorated biscuits and cakes with chocolate and made golden tickets. Some of the children were even dressed as Willy Wonka!



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