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Welcome To Reception Class

Meet the Year Group Teacher, Miss Brown…

Hello, I am Ruth Brown. I have been teaching for 9 years, most of which I have spent in Early Years. I started teaching at New Silksworth Infant School and then moved to Hylton Red House Nursery School, where I developed my leadership skills, before coming to work at Oxclose Primary Academy on a secondment in January 2014. I now have a permanent role here. I love teaching in Reception Class as I see the children develop so much in the first year of their school life. When not at school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching football and going shopping.









Mrs J Wilson

Meet the Year Group Teaching Assistant, Mrs Wilson…

Hello, I’m Joanne Wilson and I’m the Early Years Teaching Assistant who works in Reception alongside Miss Brown.





Puzzle Afternoon

Reception really enjoyed their puzzled afternoon! We invited parents in to help us solve various puzzles involving numbers, shapes, patterns and lots more. Some of them were quite tricky but we tried our best. We are looking forward to our next puzzle afternoon in the Summer Term.


Science Week

We loved Science Week in Reception. We enjoyed doing lots of activities in the classroom about space. We used food colouring and pipettes to represent earth on cotton wool pads. Mrs Wilson made some slimy jelly in the water tray that we thought might be found on Mars. Some of the children made an amazing space station that had a toilet and a kitchen with a sink. Everyone made a rocket that we blasted across the school field which was great fun!




World Book Day

We really enjoyed World Book Day in Reception. The children dressed up as some brilliant characters including Little Red Riding Hood, Postman Pat and on the of The Three Little Pigs. We loved listening to stories from Mrs Bolam in the library. Some children brought their favourite book to school and shared it with their friends, telling them their favourite parts.



Christmas Dinner

Reception loved their Christmas dinner! We enjoyed pulling our crackers and telling the jokes to our friends.


Tiny Tweeties

Reception have been taking part in weekly music sessions run by Tiny Tweeties. They have been absolutely fantastic and have supported the children’s development across the Early Years curriculum, not only in music. During the sessions the children have sang as range of songs including using instruments, puppets and retelling familiar stories.








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Roald Dahl 100 Day

 In Reception we celebrated Roald Dahl 100 Day by having a day full of chocolate. We pretended to be Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory! The children decorated biscuits and cakes with chocolate and made golden tickets. Some of the children were even dressed as Willy Wonka!

















In Reception we enjoy exploring our environment, both indoors and outdoors.










We had a lovely World Book Day in Reception! Miss Brown took our photographs and we wrote a label or a caption to say who we were dressed as for our Learning Journals. Some of us brought in our favourite storybook. At Key Worker group time, we shared the story with our friends and told them about our favourite part.




Reception Favourite Meal Day


















Reception loved choosing their favourite school meal.  Mrs Hall made it for them and it was enjoyed by everyone.

We have chicks in Reception!

Reception have been taking part in the Living Eggs programme! We have loved watching our eggs hatch into our very own chicks. The children have helped to care for the chicks by cleaning them out and feeding them. They have also had fun holding them and making areas for them to walk around in in the construction area. The programme has really enthused the children and given them of learning opportunities including learning about the life cycle of a hen and having a purpose for their writing.




















Slime Workshop

The children in Reception had a fantastic slime workshop with Loraine and Linda from the University of Durham. They carried out lots of experiments using their senses to ask and answer questions. The children loved getting messy and used fantastic vocabulary to describe what they could hear, see, smell and feel.










Mrs Hall surprised the children in Reception with an Easter treat! She brought them all a chocolate egg to say well done for trying really hard to have clean plates at lunchtime. Mrs Hall spends a lot of time with our young children in the dinner hall and encourages them to try new food in a welcoming and supportive environment. We gave her some daffodils to say thank you.


Soup Making

We have read The Enormous Turnip and have been learning about vegetables and growing. Miss Brown told us that her dad, Peter makes the best vegetable soup. He came into school and helped us to make some. It was delicious! We all carefully helped chop the vegetables with a sharp knife and discussed the importance of safety when cooking. We loved wearing our chef’s hats!














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