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Welcome To The Year 6 Page

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Meet the Year Group Teacher, Mrs Norton…

I joined Oxclose Primary Academy at the beginning of October 2012 as Miss Breakwell, to teach a Year 5 class whilst the regular teacher took her maternity leave. I began my teaching career in 1998 and have experience in teaching throughout Key Stages 1 and 2; however I have spent their past 3 years teaching year 6, where I feel I have found my calling.  Through the activities I provide for the children, I aim to help each child fulfil their full potential. Over the past two years my role has developed and I now lead maths and computing across school, the 2 subjects I enjoy most!





Meet the Year Group Intervention Teacher, Mrs Butler…

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Hello, I’m Ang Butler. I have been a teacher for over fourteen years and have experience teaching from Reception to Year 6.  I joined Oxclose in 2013 on secondment and became a permanent member of staff the following year. My role in Oxclose has developed in my time here and I am now Deputy Head Teacher and SENCo, which are roles I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am excited about working in Year 6 with my intervention group each morning.   At home, I have two children, Liam, who is 20, and Jenny, who is 11. I enjoy reading, running, and walking my very energetic Springer Spaniel, Snoop!


Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Science Week

In Year 6 the children thoroughly enjoyed Science Week.  They carried out investigations, wrote excellent descriptive writing and newspaper reports linked to The Martian and created a presentation, which was shared in assembly, to explain everything they had discovered across the week.

Maths had a Science theme too.  The children created scale models of the Solar System. They then went outside and used their knowledge of scaling to show how far away from the sun each planet was.  This tested their mathematical understanding but also their ability to work as part of a team!




World Book Day

The children in Year 6 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day.

Following on from our work in English earlier in the week, the children began the day by writing a 200 word summary of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  This was quite a tricky task as the children needed to ensure that they included all of the key points of the story but also made it interesting to read.  This also tested our understanding of present tense verbs.

Throughout the day, the children were given opportunities to read a book of their choice in the ‘Drop and Read’ sessions, as well as enjoying Miss Brown reading them Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ during a story telling session.

The children also thought about their 5 favourite things to do with books including: authors, illustrators, lines, books.  Finally, the children create a ‘Wanted Poster’ for the capture of Romeo Montague – ‘Wanted Dead or Alive!’

A huge well done to all of the children who came dressed up as their favourite characters from books.  Some of the costumes included: Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the Hat, The Tiger Who Came for Tea and we even had two children come as themselves as they had recently received their ‘Once Upon a Dream’ book, in which they had their very own poem published.



Viking Day

On Friday 4th November, Year 6 were extremely lucky to have a Viking Day, led by Richard, who is also known as ‘That History Bloke’.  We were all able to hold replicas of Viking artefacts, and even some real Viking artefacts such as clam shells and bones, which Richard had been given by the Jorvik museum.  We had lots of fun engraving our names in beeswax tablets, using Viking runes (the alphabet), just like they would have done during Viking times.  We even became archaeologists, digging in Richard’s history trays to find artefacts; we had to figure out who the artefacts belonged too. Everybody learnt lots of Viking facts, even Mrs Norton and Miss Dawe!





Oxclose Community Academy Festivals

Children in Year 6 took part in the first sports festival of the year this week.  Unfortunately they did not win but had exceptional sporting attitudes throughout the whole festival.




Roald Dahl 100 Day

Year 6 had a great time for Roald Dahl 100 Day.  Across the day we took part in lots of book related activities. To begin the day we looked at features of instructions from Roald Dahl recipes. We made Nishnobblers – from the text The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, (which tasted amazing), then we wrote instructions explaining how to make them.  Designing our own storyteller chair with Penny was lots of fun and helped us think about all the amazing stories we know and love.



Year 6 working with Sunderland AFC Foundation of Light – Tackle It






World Book Day in Year 6

Year 6 began the day with ‘The Bumper Book Quiz’. Working in teams of 4, they had to work extremely hard, to answer the questions, which involved naming images of characters, making connections and questions about famous books and authors; Georgia, Jerena, Georgia and Kayden proved to have the greatest knowledge of children’s books and were each awarded with a ‘Horrible Histories’ book as a prize.

During the rest of the day, the children each made a scrapbook about either their favourite book or author. Some of the contents of the scrapbooks were: front covers of the book, blurbs, author fact file, fun facts, book review, character description and many other ideas the children had.  Mr Cunningham even took some time to read them a story.  A fun day was had by all!





Safety Works

Year 6 recently enjoyed a morning at Safety Works, an interactive safety centre. The children experienced what it was like in a hospital, at a metro station and in a police station – some of them were even handcuffed and presented to the custody sergeant. The children also discussed personal choices and how they can safe in the home. Hopefully, the children will remember the experiences for a long time to come!



Mammal Workshop

Year 6 were lucky enough to participate in a Mammal workshop. Pen, a biologist from Durham University, spoke to the children about what mammals were before asking them to play ‘The Poo Game’! The children were given sealed pots of animal poo, and from clue cards they had to identify which mammal it came from. Strangely enough, the children thoroughly enjoyed this, with some commenting it on being the best science lesson ever! The session was brought to a close, by the children looking and carefully handling some mammal skulls, again having to identify which animal it belonged to. What a fantastic interactive science lesson we had!



Sports Relief

To celebrate Sports Relief 2016, Year 6 were asked to run around the perimeter of the school yard 6 times (equivalent to approximately 1 mile). Some of the children took this challenge really seriously and actually managed to run up-to 11 times! A fantastic effort was made by all children involved!













Shakespeare Workshop

Year 6 were really lucky to be invited to Washington Library to participate in a make-up and special effects workshop, to celebrate National Shakespeare Week. The workshop coincided with the work the children have done in class on ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’.

The children were shown step-by-step how to transform their friends into either king or queen of the fairies using face paints and props (even Mrs Norton and Mrs Philpott-Smith got involved). They then spent a small amount of time in groups, rehearsing a short extract from the play. Finally, the children performed their piece for the other children.




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