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Welcome To The Year 6 Page

Meet the Year Group Teacher, Mrs Norton…

I joined Oxclose Primary Academy at the beginning of October 2012 as Miss Breakwell, to teach a Year 5 class whilst the regular teacher took her maternity leave. I began my teaching career in 1998 and have experience in teaching throughout Key Stages 1 and 2; however I have spent their past 3 years teaching year 6, where I feel I have found my calling.  Through the activities I provide for the children, I aim to help each child fulfil their full potential. Over the past two years my role has developed and I now lead maths and computing across school, the 2 subjects I enjoy most!

Meet the Year Group Intervention Teacher, Mrs Butler…

Hello, I’m Ang Butler. I have been a teacher for over fifteen years and have experience teaching from Reception to Year 6.  I joined Oxclose in 2013 on secondment and became a permanent member of staff the following year. My role in Oxclose has developed in my time here and I am now Deputy Head Teacher and SENCo, which are roles I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am excited about working in Year 6 with my intervention group each morning.   At home, I have two children, Liam, who is 22, and Jenny, who is 14. I enjoy reading, running, and walking my very energetic Springer Spaniel, Snoop!

Yearly Curriculum Overview

Termly Curriculum Information for Parents/Carers

Health and Happiness Week

Year 6 began the week looking at kindness.  We created ‘A Random Act of Kindness Bingo Board’, which we could colour in as we completed the act.  We included: holding the door open; washing the dishes; giving hugs and many more deeds.  After this we enjoyed making ‘A Happiness Meter’.  It was good to see that we all scored our happiness quite highly, with lots of scores of 10 appearing around the room.  We also discussed how we could feel happier and we learnt that it is healthy for our minds when we eat chocolate as our body uses it to create endorphins.  On Wednesday, we looked at self-esteem.  At the beginning, we all found it really tricky to think of positives attributes, however by the end we found loads! Mrs Winlow helped us to understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and we created our very own ‘Dream catchers’, which we will take home to hang over our beds.

During the week, we have researched some local sporting heroes, such as Jordan Pickford, Jordan Henderson and Steph Houghton.  We discovered how they started their careers and became so successful.   We also enjoyed writing ‘Friendship Potions’, working in teams to complete challenges and yoga sessions.  Finally, Mrs Jordan-Richardson made us work our socks off on Friday morning when we completed her ‘Big Workout Challenge’!  It has been a week filled with fun and happiness!

Nissan Visit

Year 6 were extremely fortunate to visit Nissan to participate in the Monozukuri Caravan Event.  The event is aimed at upper key stage pupils and is run to encourage children to enter the world of engineering.  Whilst they were there, they worked in teams to design their own Lego vehicle, before working in teams, where they had to work carefully and efficiently to produce the ‘Nissan Buddy’ car.  Each person in the team had their own job, from being on the assembly line to quality control.

Later in the day, the children had the opportunity to visit the Nissan College workshop.  Here, they were able to race Formula One cars, which had been made using a 3D printer.  They then visited ‘Woody’ the robot, who interacted with the children, before surprising 2 of them with a personalised poster.  The final activity of the day involved the children some of the tools they would expect to use in the manufacturing of cars, including a hammer to remove small dents from steel.  What an amazing day the children had!

Science Week

Science Week 2019 was all about dinosaurs and evolution.  In Year 6, we  began by using a 200 sheet toilet roll to create a timeline on the Earth’s history.  Next, we found out about how palaeontologists study fossils to discover which living organisms were alive during the Mesozoic era.  We researched different theories that suggest how dinosaurs became extinct and discovered that although an asteroid did hit Earth, this then led to a chain of events which over a long period of time led to the extinction of these fascinating creatures. Another activity we enjoyed was where Mrs Norton gave us some images of modern day living organisms.  We placed these on the tree of life; we then had to organise some ancient living organisms and look for similarities about how the organisms had evolved.  We discovered that the closest living organism to a dinosaur is a chicken and that a distant relative of a dragonfly used to have a wing span of around 70cm!  We thoroughly enjoyed making a 3D model of the Mesozoic era, which included the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, Year 6 studied the author David Walliams.  We found out all about his life and wrote a biography about the famous comedian.  As David Walliams also writes books for younger children, we looked at some of his picture books including ‘There’s a Snake in my School’ and ‘The Bear Who went Boo!’.  We then created our own story boards for stories based on ‘The Bear who went Boo’.  Throughout the day, we shared stories with children from year 1, Year 4 and Mrs Bolam.

Sikh Visitor

Anti – Bullying Week

Kidscape came into work with Year 6 during Anti – Bullying Week.  The focus was identifying types of bullying, staying safe on line and thinking about the role of the bystander.

Science Week

In Year 6 the children thoroughly enjoyed Science Week.  They carried out investigations, wrote excellent descriptive writing and newspaper reports linked to The Martian and created a presentation, which was shared in assembly, to explain everything they had discovered across the week.

Maths had a Science theme too.  The children created scale models of the Solar System. They then went outside and used their knowledge of scaling to show how far away from the sun each planet was.  This tested their mathematical understanding but also their ability to work as part of a team!




World Book Day

The children in Year 6 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day.

Following on from our work in English earlier in the week, the children began the day by writing a 200 word summary of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  This was quite a tricky task as the children needed to ensure that they included all of the key points of the story but also made it interesting to read.  This also tested our understanding of present tense verbs.

Throughout the day, the children were given opportunities to read a book of their choice in the ‘Drop and Read’ sessions, as well as enjoying Miss Brown reading them Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ during a story telling session.

The children also thought about their 5 favourite things to do with books including: authors, illustrators, lines, books.  Finally, the children create a ‘Wanted Poster’ for the capture of Romeo Montague – ‘Wanted Dead or Alive!’

A huge well done to all of the children who came dressed up as their favourite characters from books.  Some of the costumes included: Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the Hat, The Tiger Who Came for Tea and we even had two children come as themselves as they had recently received their ‘Once Upon a Dream’ book, in which they had their very own poem published.


Viking Day

On Friday 4th November, Year 6 were extremely lucky to have a Viking Day, led by Richard, who is also known as ‘That History Bloke’.  We were all able to hold replicas of Viking artefacts, and even some real Viking artefacts such as clam shells and bones, which Richard had been given by the Jorvik museum.  We had lots of fun engraving our names in beeswax tablets, using Viking runes (the alphabet), just like they would have done during Viking times.  We even became archaeologists, digging in Richard’s history trays to find artefacts; we had to figure out who the artefacts belonged too. Everybody learnt lots of Viking facts, even Mrs Norton and Miss Dawe!



Oxclose Community Academy Festivals

Children in Year 6 took part in the first sports festival of the year this week.  Unfortunately they did not win but had exceptional sporting attitudes throughout the whole festival.


Roald Dahl 100 Day

Year 6 had a great time for Roald Dahl 100 Day.  Across the day we took part in lots of book related activities. To begin the day we looked at features of instructions from Roald Dahl recipes. We made Nishnobblers – from the text The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, (which tasted amazing), then we wrote instructions explaining how to make them.  Designing our own storyteller chair with Penny was lots of fun and helped us think about all the amazing stories we know and love.


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