We’ve had a blast this week in year 1. We’ve been writing non-chronological reports on lions in English. We found out where lions live, what lions look like, what lions eat and some other really interesting facts. We put all this information into a report. In Maths we have been counting in 10’s all the way up to 100! It was great fun using pretend 10p coins.

We also have been making fantastic Easter cards. We decided we wanted a chick on our cards. We practised our cutting skills by taking great care cutting out our chick’s wings. We added some glitter for a sparkly effect.

We were so lucky to have time to colour in eggs by numbers on Friday afternoon, when we were finished we stuck them carefully on paper bags so we had something to put all the things we have been making this term in. They turned out lovely! We are so excited for the Easter break, have a lovely holiday.