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Welcome To Year 5

Meet the Year Group Teacher, Mrs McCluskey…

I joined Oxlcose Primary Academy in September 2017, as a Year 6 teacher and was delighted to become the Year 5 class teacher the following year.  In addition to this, I am pleased to be the Art and Design Subject Manager for the school as have always been passionate about creative subjects and especially love drawing and painting!

Singing is another great interest of mine.  As a child, I sang in school choirs and later performed on stage in a band, so I had a fantastic time running the Performing Arts club with my colleague, Miss Robson, last year!  It’s was absolute pleasure helping the children to grow in confidence and perform, and we both look forward to running the group again this year.

Last but not least, I am a major fan of dogs and when I’m not in school, I visit my local Animal Shelter, as often as I can, to walk the dogs and take them tasty treats!  I am happy to say that I’m looking forward to getting my own dog soon – hopefully this year!

Year 5 – Curriculum Overview

Year 5 – Autumn – Topic Overview

Year 5 – Spring 1 Topic Overview


Science Week

What can we say, Science Week was excellent and we had an absolute blast in Year 5!  We did many different exciting activities, starting off the week by learning about the ‘big bang’, how life started on earth and when dinosaurs existed.  Then, after receiving a letter from Dr Zanno, a palaeontologist from Utah, we had some serious science research to do in the ICT suite!  As trainee scientists, we had to identify specific dinosaurs just by using a small figure!  We also learned about the new discovery of a relative of the T-Rex (Moros intrepidus) and had lots of fun making and drawing fossils too!

World Book Day

In Year 5, we are massive fans of reading so it wasn’t hard for us to have a fantastic time on WBD!  We really enjoyed getting dressed up for the day as characters from the books we know and love, but most of all, it was great being told stories at different times throughout the day, especially by our family members at breakfast time and by Mrs Butler!  This is a picture of us sharing our stories with Year 3.  We hope they enjoyed visiting our class as much as we liked having them!

Online Safety Week

It was strange because on-line safety week seemed to come at the perfect time for Year 5 because we’d had some discussions about sharing online without asking permission from everyone involved.  In response, we spent some time as a class discussing how we felt about this.  We came up with a class agreement, which we can refer back to this if we are ever unsure in the future.

We love a great debate!

This is us having a debate in English, linked to on-line safety, about whether adults should monitor everything children do on-line.  Well, you can imagine what we had to say about that!  To be honest, we ended up having a sensible discussion about the reasons why it is important for us to be kept safe and that adults (and us children) have a role in doing just that.

Anti-Bullying Week

As always, we gained a great deal from AB week, which reminded us about the importance of doing all we can to prevent and stop bullying.  As well as discussing and responding to bullying scenarios, we designed pocket cards and bookmarks to promote Anti-Bullying and offer advice to other children.  We also used drama to show the impact that bullying can have on the victim and a few of us even performed in front of the whole school!

Awesome Artwork: Rainforest paintings and 3D landscapes

This term, we have been finding out all about rainforests across the world.  It’s been fascinating to learn about the different plants and animals from the rainforest and we created some excellent artwork for our display in the main hall, which we designed ourselves.  Our teacher was super impressed and said we were fabulous drawers and painters!  A big thanks to Mr Davison for organising our display for us!  It looks so cool!

A trip to Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum

February 13th was a lucky day for Year 5 as we had a trip to Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum, which was excellent!  We saw what a real Anglo-Saxon Village was like, had the chance to feed the farm animals and cook biscuits on an open fire in Thirlings Hall, just like the villagers would have done.  In the afternoon, we visited the Bede Museum to learn all about Saint Bede.  It was really interesting to find out about what he did and where he lived.  We saw many artefacts, including Bede’s skull!  We ended the day in the play room, which was an unexpected treat!  Here we are in our Anglo-Saxon get up from the past, except Ryan looks like he’s from the future in that coat!

Our visit to Newcastle Castle Keep

In October 2018, we had our first trip as Year 5 pupils.  We visited Newcastle Castle Keep and had a fantastic time.  Our first stop the Castle Keep where we saw the medieval dungeons and our guides told us all about prisoners from the past and the regal people who once lived in the Castle.  We visited the church, where many of the accused would go to try and avoid the dungeon!  Then up the winding stairs again, we came to The Great Hall, but our final stop was the best because we got to go on the roof.  After a tale about a flying donkey and a little medieval dance, we got to see the sights across the whole of Newcastle!  Later in the afternoon, we had a medieval workshop, where we learned gruesome facts about medieval times, which was the perfect end to a brilliant day!


Simone competed in her first Judo competition on Sunday, 26th November, at North Shields. She won first place – a gold! Simone is a member of Seishin Judokwai, and she attends classes twice a week at Oxclose Comprehensive Academy. The Judo club also had their Christmas Party presentation night on Saturday 25th Nov, where Simone won the award for Best New Achiever. Well done Simone – we are all very proud of you!

Anti – Bullying Week

Kidscape came into school to lead workshops with the children in Year 5.  We learned about different forms or bullying and what a bystander is.

Winter Gardens Visit

Download (PDF, 325KB)

Science Week

On Monday, we started off our science week by ordering the planets and finding out more about them all. We then used this to create our own snap cards. On Tuesday, we found out about the International Space Station before working as a group to create our own. By Wednesday, we were making our rockets, which we launched on Friday morning! Bradley won the certificate for the furthest launch! On Thursday, we had a discussion about who we would take to space with us and then designed space suits to get us there. We got some very interesting and surprising answers! To end our science week, we had an assembly to celebrate the week, where Owen got a certificate for all of his fantastic science work. Finally, we used chocolate to help us think about the rocks on Mars. We even got to eat some at the end!




World Book Day

Year 5 had a great World Book Day wearing some fantastic costumes! In English, we had a think about the similarities and differences between the book version and film version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We enjoyed extracts from each version, made notes, compared using a Venn diagram before writing up our comparisons. We also enjoyed taking part in the drop and read sessions, having a story read to us in the library by Miss Aspey and designing our very own World Book Day tokens.


dsc03167Kacie has recently started dance and has now competed in three competitions. So far, Kacie has earned herself a third and fourth place as well as winning a trophy for best newcomer. Well done Kacie and good luck for future competitions!

Year 5 Christmas Party


Science Investigation


Roald Dahl 100 Day

Year 5 had a fantastic day celebrating 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl. Dressed up in our finest Roald Dahl character costumes, we started the day with an assembly to hear all about the exciting new story chair being created especially for our school. We spent our morning designing and writing an explanation for a Dream Catching Machine for the BFG, which will be displayed around school. After lunch, we took part in our story chair workshop where we got to design and present our ideas to Penny, who is designing our chair. Finally, we enjoyed some Roald Dahl activities, including a very close fought quiz to end our day of celebration.


World Book Day

Year 4 have had a very busy World Book Day! We started off with a visit to the library where we heard all about The Twits. After, we had great fun creating our very own hand puppets of Mr and Mrs Twit! When we returned to school, we had a good look on the World Book Website and even created our own World Book Day token designs! In the afternoon we posed for some pictures in our fantastic costumes, before using our computer skills to complete PowerPoints all about Julia Donaldson, who we have been learning about in our English lessons. We also took part in the drop and read session where everyone stopped what they were doing, found somewhere comfy to sit and read their favourite book. Next, we were lucky to have a story read to us by Mrs Bolam! We were very good at answering questions about it and impressed her with our knowledge. After, it was back to the classroom for a World Book Day quiz. The winning team even got a prize! Finally, we shared our costumes and favourite books with the class and Mrs Grimwood read us some of her favourite book to finish off the day.



Year Four’s Special Meal Day

Mrs Hall created our favourite school meal for us.  We chose pizza and ice cream…it was delicious!


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