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Welcome To Year 5

Meet the Year Group Teacher, Mrs McCluskey…

I joined Oxlcose Primary Academy in September 2017, as a Year 6 teacher and was delighted to become the Year 5 class teacher the following year. In addition to this, I am pleased to be the Art and Design/Design and Technology Subject Manager for the school as I have always been passionate about creative subjects and I especially like drawing and painting.
Singing is another great interest of mine. As a child, I sang in school choirs and later performed on stage in a band so I very much enjoy performing arts; it’s great to help the children to grow in confidence and perform. I’m also really looking forward to leading the school choir this year.
Last but not least, I am a major fan of dogs. When I’m not in school, I visit my local Animal Shelter, as often as I can, to walk the dogs and take them tasty treats! I also love to dog sit for my best friend’s little Westie, Charlie!

Yearly Curriculum Overview

Spring – Termly Curriculum Information for Parents/Carers

Autumn – Termly Curriculum Information for Parents/Carers

Anti-Bullying Week

Medieval Madness!

We had a blast into the past on our first trip in Year 5 when we visited Newcastle Castle Keep; it was amazing! Our guides for the day, Pam and Steve, taught us so much about Newcastle Castle’s past e.g. what it was used for, who lived there and what they did. Our first stop was the underground medieval dungeon where we got to put Mr Jones into the pillory, which was super fun! We then visited the main hall, which was used as a court and place of execution. Walking in the footsteps of the prisoners, in their actual prison rooms, was exciting and eerie at the same time. Our tour of the Keep ended with us exploring the Castle Keep rooftop. It was pretty scary but the views across the city were outstanding. The Millennium Bridge and Newcastle United Football Grounds were only a couple of the famous landmarks that we could see. After lunch, we took part in a medieval crime and punishment workshop and found out about the most gruesome punishments given back then. We learned about actual cases from medieval times, acted them out using real artifacts and acted as the jury when we held a trial in court for our teacher (for giving us too much homework!) But we were fair and after listening to all of the evidence, our verdict was not guilty!

Diwali Delights

Year 5 have had a fun filled and informative final week of half term, learning all about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. Getting all creative and persuasive, we started by designing flyers to promote a Diwali celebration. Next, we watched an animation of the story behind Diwali and found out the role Rama and Sita played, thousands of years ago, in bringing about this vibrant and exciting annual event. We very much enjoyed exploring and comparing the main characters and then retelling this tale about loyalty, jealousy and bravery where good overcomes evil. Perhaps a little messy, but without doubt the most fun activity, we moulded clay diya lamps, which are traditionally used to generate light during Diwali. We even got to take our wonderful creations home to show them off to our families! Happy Diwali!

Learning about life

In science, in our topic ‘Animals including Humans’, we’ve been learning about the human lifecycle and specifically looking at how babies develop. This has been very interesting and we have found out so many facts that we didn’t know. For example, at 4 weeks, the baby’s heart starts to beat and it is the size of a poppy seed. But at 40 weeks (before it is born) the baby is roughly the size of a pumpkin! During this unit, we have been showing off our presentation skills by getting up in front of the class and explaining our work and what we now know about the human lifecycle.

Poets… and we didn’t even know it!

The exciting, dramatic poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes, was our focus for poetry week this year and we loved it! The first thing we did was watch an animation of the poem and quickly realised it was a narrative poem packed with language and vocabulary for effective, strong description. The way the author uses metaphors, similes, personification, alliteration and repetition is outstanding and it really drew us into this tragic tale of true love and sacrifice. We were blown away and so was our teacher when we became authors ourselves and wrote our own take on the poem. Look out for the Oxclose Primary Academy’s new poetry publication as you may well see one of Year 5’s fantastic poems in there!

Let’s go ride a bike!

Early this term, pupils in our class took part in a range of activities as part of the Bikeability programme in schools. As part of this course, everyone learned about cycle safety, which included memorising many road signs and safety rules. To show what we had learned, we designed cycle safety posters and asked the Bikeability leaders to choose winners. Even though the weather was extremely wet that week, we didn’t let it stop us cycling! We got out there in between showers and practised for our tests. All of our hard work and determination paid off as, following a rigorous testing process, many of us were successful in gaining our Level 1 and Level 2 Bikeability badges and certificates. We did it!

Church Visit

As part of their RE topic, Christianity, the children from Year 5 visited a local church. We were shown around by a Deacon, who told us all about the church building, the items that are found in churches and the different vestments worn by priests throughout the year.

Health and Happiness Week

We kicked off Health and Happiness Week by taking a closer look at ourselves in the mirror (literally) and used this to help us to write things that we liked about ourselves. We realised that we were too self-critical and needed boost our self-esteem, so we spent time identifying what was amazing about each of us. On Wednesday, we took part in a wellbeing workshop; we talked about different emotions and learned different ways to make ourselves happy and healthy. Back in class, we considered how we think others view us and discussed how to change our negative thoughts into positive ones.  We have also been making each other happy by offering happiness tickets to others who did something that made a classmate happy and at end of every day, a lucky winner was drawn and got a dip in the box!  In English this week, we have been debating a very current issue relating to health and happiness: ‘Should children play on computer games instead of outside?’ and had a great time throwing our thoughts (we wrote our arguments on paper – children verses doctors!)

Later in the week, we spent time researching a local sports celebrity of our choice and found out how they keep healthy and happy and achieve success.  After some super fun Harry Potter Yoga, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, we took our learning outside for some fresh air and exercise. For the first time, we had a game of boys verses girls football, the whole class loved it!  Also, it was today that ‘the stretchy girls’ were born – some awesome acrobatics from four girls in the class, who have decided to form a group and keep on working out together!  Another energetic activity was the big workout challenge which we did as a class out on the school field.  Mrs Jordan-Richardson exercised us hard and we did it!

Meet an Astronaut!

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Year 5 did this week!  In our front row seats, we were blown away by the story of how Michael Foale, who was born in Britain, became an astronaut.  We learned of how he applied three times to NASA before getting selected to become an astronaut (he never gave up on his dream!).  Mr Foale showed us amazing clips of his space missions and we got to hear all about what it was like living on a space station.  He even showed us a video of the mind- blowing view from space.  Did you know that Australia looks red from outer space?  At the end, we were lucky enough to have our photograph taken with Mr Foale and some of us even had a ‘high five’!

What’s the weather like?

A question we asked ourselves this Summer term.  We have been learning all about what the weather is like in rainforests in different parts of the world.  We learned about the average rainfall, temperature (day and night), wind speed and humidity.  We worked in small teams to research, plan and present the weather in places like: Singapore, Madagascar, Brazil.  Some of us put our own stamp on weather reporting and changed our approach for different audiences.  For example, Libby, Molly and Kara did a weather report aimed at children with musical interludes…very creative!

The GREAT North Museum

Yes, it certainly was GREAT!  What a day we had on our school trip last week!  Summer term took us to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle.  Because we are learning about the Ancient Greeks in History, it was amazing to be able to find out more about the Hoplites (Greek fighters) and see real artefacts from the past.  In the workshop we got to handle (and try on) some replica armoury and weapons and then we explored the Greek gallery.  Next, it was on to the main attraction currently at the museum – Dippy the dinosaur.  He was enormous!  All in all, a fantastic trip… When can we go back?!

Islam Insights

In RE, we have been learning about Islam religion and we were delighted to welcome Mrs Laila Abdullah, from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, to our class. to talk to us about the religion.  As a Muslim, Mrs Abdullah believes in one God, who she calls Allah and follows the Quran (a book she reads like Christian’s would read the Bible).  We learned about how Muslim people live their lives and the festivals/celebrations they have.  Mrs Abdullah was fasting where she chooses not to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, which is something that happens during Ramadan.  Asking questions and having discussions with Mrs Abdullah really helped us to understand the Islam religion better.  She also wrote Josh’s name on the board in Arabic!  Thank you Mrs Abdullah!

Science Week

What can we say, Science Week was excellent and we had an absolute blast in Year 5!  We did many different exciting activities, starting off the week by learning about the ‘big bang’, how life started on earth and when dinosaurs existed.  Then, after receiving a letter from Dr Zanno, a palaeontologist from Utah, we had some serious science research to do in the ICT suite!  As trainee scientists, we had to identify specific dinosaurs just by using a small figure!  We also learned about the new discovery of a relative of the T-Rex (Moros intrepidus) and had lots of fun making and drawing fossils too!

World Book Day

In Year 5, we are massive fans of reading so it wasn’t hard for us to have a fantastic time on WBD!  We really enjoyed getting dressed up for the day as characters from the books we know and love, but most of all, it was great being told stories at different times throughout the day, especially by our family members at breakfast time and by Mrs Butler!  This is a picture of us sharing our stories with Year 3.  We hope they enjoyed visiting our class as much as we liked having them!

Online Safety Week

It was strange because on-line safety week seemed to come at the perfect time for Year 5 because we’d had some discussions about sharing online without asking permission from everyone involved.  In response, we spent some time as a class discussing how we felt about this.  We came up with a class agreement, which we can refer back to this if we are ever unsure in the future.

We love a great debate!

This is us having a debate in English, linked to on-line safety, about whether adults should monitor everything children do on-line.  Well, you can imagine what we had to say about that!  To be honest, we ended up having a sensible discussion about the reasons why it is important for us to be kept safe and that adults (and us children) have a role in doing just that.

Anti-Bullying Week

As always, we gained a great deal from AB week, which reminded us about the importance of doing all we can to prevent and stop bullying.  As well as discussing and responding to bullying scenarios, we designed pocket cards and bookmarks to promote Anti-Bullying and offer advice to other children.  We also used drama to show the impact that bullying can have on the victim and a few of us even performed in front of the whole school!

Awesome Artwork: Rainforest paintings and 3D landscapes

This term, we have been finding out all about rainforests across the world.  It’s been fascinating to learn about the different plants and animals from the rainforest and we created some excellent artwork for our display in the main hall, which we designed ourselves.  Our teacher was super impressed and said we were fabulous drawers and painters!  A big thanks to Mr Davison for organising our display for us!  It looks so cool!

A trip to Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum

February 13th was a lucky day for Year 5 as we had a trip to Jarrow Hall and Bede Museum, which was excellent!  We saw what a real Anglo-Saxon Village was like, had the chance to feed the farm animals and cook biscuits on an open fire in Thirlings Hall, just like the villagers would have done.  In the afternoon, we visited the Bede Museum to learn all about Saint Bede.  It was really interesting to find out about what he did and where he lived.  We saw many artefacts, including Bede’s skull!  We ended the day in the play room, which was an unexpected treat!  Here we are in our Anglo-Saxon get up from the past, except Ryan looks like he’s from the future in that coat!

Our visit to Newcastle Castle Keep

In October 2018, we had our first trip as Year 5 pupils.  We visited Newcastle Castle Keep and had a fantastic time.  Our first stop the Castle Keep where we saw the medieval dungeons and our guides told us all about prisoners from the past and the regal people who once lived in the Castle.  We visited the church, where many of the accused would go to try and avoid the dungeon!  Then up the winding stairs again, we came to The Great Hall, but our final stop was the best because we got to go on the roof.  After a tale about a flying donkey and a little medieval dance, we got to see the sights across the whole of Newcastle!  Later in the afternoon, we had a medieval workshop, where we learned gruesome facts about medieval times, which was the perfect end to a brilliant day!

Anti – Bullying Week

Kidscape came into school to lead workshops with the children in Year 5.  We learned about different forms or bullying and what a bystander is.

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